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Welcome to Large Format Scanners 

This information site tells you everything you need to know about large format scanners.  

  1. large format copier wide format scannerDownload free!  Our Large Format Scanner informative Guide    The guide now includes multifunction scanner/printers and over 45 large format scanners from the main manufacturers. We compare, give hints, tell you what to look for and what to avoid.  How to get more scanner for less money. Even what the manufacturers won't tell you. Great info for all potential buyers, including GSA buyers and  purchase spec writers.  You can also call us for a recommendation based on your specific needs.

    Buyers' Guide Index:

    Planning and overview: page 4

    The scanning process: page 5

    Scanner optics and resolution: pages 5-6

    Speed comparisons page 7

    Data transfer page 8

    Light source  page 8

    Scanner maintenance page 8

    Warranties vs maintenance contracts page 9

    Monochrome or color page 9

    Feeding mechanism page 10

    Scanner purchase, buyer beware page 10

    How the manufacturers price their scanners: page 11

    New scanners to avoid page 12

    Used scanners to avoid page 12

    Writing bid specs and RFQs: page 13

    Rental: page 13

    Post processing, indexing/archiving, raster to vector pages 14-15

    Multi-function & Scanner / Printer combinations: page 15

    Scanner FAQ's page 16

    Best value for price scanners and multifunction products page 17-21

    Scanner matrix  page 22-27


  1. Large format black and white Scanners  Money  saving hints and important considerations when buying monochrome / greyscale scanners.

  2. Large format color scanners Money  saving hints and important considerations when buying color scanners.

  3. Used Large format scanners & Rentals  Used scanners can often be a great buy if you know what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid.

large format scanners Download Free!  Need a scanning tip? Hints on Scanning, Scanners, and Archiving Engineering Drawings! 


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