A New Frontier for Engineering and Construction
Sep 21, 2023
How large format scanning is making it easier for these industries to collaborate and comply with ever-changing regulations and industry standards. ...
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Providing Access to Historical Documents in a Digital World
Aug 29, 2023
In the age of family research, this county library is upgrading the quality of its digitized archives to provide easier access to history and heritage to researchers around the globe....
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Bringing a Touch of Magic to a Library’s Massive Makeover
Jul 18, 2023
Three decades in the making, this library’s major renovation features state-of-the-art displays to make their updates even more captivating....
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CIS vs. CCD: Which Technology is Best?
Jul 17, 2023
Each technology has its own benefits—and which one to choose depends greatly on the application and what the images will be used for....
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7 Strategies for Dynamic Libraries
Jul 10, 2023
By adopting these strategies, libraries can differentiate themselves and position themselves as dynamic, inclusive and relevant institutions within their communities....
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A Valuable Tool for Libraries, Museums and Government Agencies
Jun 19, 2023
Large format scanners can be a valuable tool for libraries and museums, allowing them to digitize and preserve a wide range of materials....
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Pros and Cons to Purchasing New vs. Used Equipment
Apr 26, 2023
Here are some points to consider when deciding between new or used....
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Rental vs. Purchase: How do I Know Which is Right for Me?
Mar 27, 2023
You should consider the following benefits when deciding which option is best for your organization. ...
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What’s the Stitch? All You Need to Know About Image Stitching
Feb 27, 2023
Stitching software is an innovative form of technology that was designed with oversized documents in mind....
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Creating Searchable Family Archives
Feb 08, 2023
By using state-of-the-art technology, this company has found a way to digitize, categorize, and keyword-search large collections of written, spoken, and photographed memorabilia....
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Spreading the Love of Wearable Art
Jan 17, 2023
When it comes to running a business, folding usually indicates bad news. But in fashion designer Dana Bontrager’s case, it means serving style with even more efficiency....
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Painting – and Preserving – the Big Picture
Jan 04, 2023
By digitizing children’s artwork from around the globe, this organization can easily share the fruits of creativity and perspective with the changemakers of the future....
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